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The only robin that really would stand a minuscule chance at besting Dick canonically would be Damian thanks to LOA training, but Damian wasn't a thing at this point in the series. Later, an unknown person stole the name and costume, although this was never confirmed. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Red X alongside Robin in the episode "X". However, Robin's haste in trying to get nube bride thumbs close exposed his identity to Slade, and in fear that if he told his teammates about his plans, they wouldn't play their parts convincingly, he chose not to tell them.

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Teen titans red

Teen Titans TV series. His last target was a bus driven by Raven and Starfirefrom which he withheld; he told the two girls "Tell Robin we're even The confident attitude, the similarities to Todd's persona the Red Hood and the Red X is teen titans red and the moral ambiguity of the character points to him being Teen titans red more than anyone else. Rule 7 - High Volume Standard Topics Topics we receive a large number of submissions about will be subject to higher quality standards than other posts.

Teen titans red
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Teen titans red
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The show is still a kids show, so to hold him as teen titans red mystery, means that the revelation would have had to be a character we know, not just a reference to a new character in this case Jason or Tim would technically be a new character as he hadn't appeared on the show. Robin says its "only valuable to me" to which X replies "I wouldn't be so sure". Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit.

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Teen titans red

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